Our training in ‘Team Communication’ is addressed to financial and accounting department employees as well as members of other teams.


This training has been developed based on the observations of our consultants: that difficulties in the work of accounting and finance departments result from problems of communication with the other teams within the firm (human resources, marketing, management, etc.), which in turn are often caused by lack of knowledge or failure to use tools which lead to effective communication.


The training methodology is based largely on the NVC (non-violent communication, agreement without violence) methodology, an approach which has attracted growing interest around the world. Its popularity stems from the fact that NVC methodology not only involves encouraging participants to analyse their attitudes and those of their interlocutors, but also teaches communication tools, i.e. attitudes leading to effective agreement.


Taxpoint, unlike other firms in the market, offer, within the framework of professionally prepared workshops, exercises based on real situations and examples from the daily activities of financial and other departments. We are able to take such an approach thanks to our many years of experience in professional work and our consequently complete understanding of cooperation between financial departments and other departments.