During a tax inspection and proceedings, a taxpayer very often needs our advisor’s specific knowledge and support to improve effective communication with the tax authorities. Taking advantage of the long-term experience of our specialists, we can support you at all stages of tax inspections and proceedings, aiming to achieve the fastest and most favourable settlement for you.


As far as this area of advice is concerned, we provide the following services:


  • drafting applications for individual advance tax rulings, binding rate information, advance (protective) tax decisions, interpretative opinions of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) on statistical classifications as well as for the conclusion of advance pricing agreements (APA)
  • drafting applications for a tax overpayment or refund and conducting proceedings to this end
  • drafting tax opinions on the merit-related and procedural aspects of the case, including determination of the litigation strategy
  • analysing materials held by you with a view to their possible use as evidence during a tax inspection, fiscal and customs inspection or tax proceedings in order to implement the agreed litigation strategy as best as possible
  • drafting letters and explanations and representing taxpayers during verifications, tax inspections, fiscal and customs inspections and tax proceedings, including support in the completion of evidence such as assistance in taking evidence, making explanations and questioning
  • drafting appeals against decisions, complaints, objections and other pleadings as well as conducting proceedings before the chambers of tax administration
  • drafting complaints to be filed with the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court and representing taxpayers in court and administrative proceedings, including before the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • assistance in the development of internal procedures in the event of tax inspections and proceedings
  • supporting and representing clients in enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims and concerning tax liability allowances, including participation in negotiations with the tax authorities
  • representing taxpayers in fiscal penal matters at the stage of pre-trial and court proceedings
  • fiscal penal audit aimed at identification of risks in business operations and optimisation of these operations in terms of mitigating the risk of criminal liability for tax calculations and payments
  • conducting training courses and workshops concerning all types of inspections and proceedings as well as concerning the rights and obligations of both parties to a dispute, etc.